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Books & Monographs

  1. Anderson, Edward G. and Nitin R. Joglekar (2012). The Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Risks during Distributed Innovation. Springer-Verlag. Research monograph for the “Springer Studies in Complexity Science” series. Preview at SSRN. Preview appeared on Entrepreneurship & Marketing eJournal Top 10 List in December 2011.

  2. Anderson, Mary Ann, Edward G. Anderson Jr., and Geoffrey G. Parker (2013)Operations Management for Dummies. Wiley.

Research Articles

Published and Forthcoming Journal Articles

  1. Anderson, Edward G., Xiaoyue Jiang, Geoffrey G. Parker, and Burcu Tan (2018). "Systems Integration and the Dynamics of Partial Outsourcing." Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management.

  2. Anderson, Edward G., Aravind Chandrasekaran, Alison Davis-Blake, and Geoffrey G. Parker (2017). "Managing the Distributed Knowledge Work: Integration Strategies for Language and Geographic Barriers."  Information Systems Research 29 (1): 42-69.

  3. Davies, Jane, Nitin Joglekar, and Edward G. Anderson (2016). "The Role of Industry Studies and Public Policies in Production and Operations Management." Production and Operations Management 25(12): 1977-2001. 

  4. Anderson, Edward G. Jr., Geoffrey G. Parker, and Burcu Tan (2014). Platform Feature Investment in the Presence of 3rd-Party Developer and Consumer Externalities.” Information Systems Research 25 (1): 152-172.

  5. Anderson, Edward G. and Kyle Lewis (2014). A Dynamic Model of Individual and Group Learning Amid Disruption.” Organization Science 25 (2): 356-376.

  6. Anderson, Edward G., Jr. and Geoffrey G. Parker (2013). Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies by Startups.” Production and Operations Management, 22(6): 1356-73.

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  11. Tan, Burcu, Edward G. Anderson Jr., James S. Dyer, and Geoffrey G. Parker (2010). Evaluating System Dynamics Models of Risky Projects Using Decision Trees: Alternative Energy Projects as an Illustrative Example.” System Dynamics Review, 26 (1): 1-17. Most downloaded System Dynamics Review article of 2010 at 1400+ downloads.

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Refereed Proceedings

  1.  Anderson, Edward G., Shi Ying Lim, Nitin R. Joglekar (2017). "Are More Frequent Releases Always Better? Dynamics of Pivoting, Scaling, and the Minimum Viable Product" 2017 Hawaii Conference on Social Systems.

  2. Joglekar, Nitin R. and Edward G. Anderson Jr. (2009). “Global Talent Management—Challenges of Attrition, Productivity and Non-Linear Growth Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management.” Plenary presentation at Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management, Bombay, India.

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Other Publications (Book Chapters, Practitioner Articles, SSRN Permanent Papers)

  1. Anderson, Edward G. (1996), A System Dynamics Model of the Betamax-VHS Competition including Technological, Production, and Network Effects (including data). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3299610

  2. Anderson, Edward G. Jr., Burcu Tan Erciyes (2015). “Using System Dynamics and Decision Trees to Value Managerial Options: Valuation of Capital Investment Projects as an Illustrative Example.” To appear in Analytical Methods for Dynamic Modelers (tentative title), edited by N. Osgood, R. Oliva, and H. Rahmandad. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

  3. Anderson, Edward G. Jr. and Nitin R. Joglekar (2007). “Chasing the Innovation ‘Butterfly’ with Systems Thinking.”  The Systems Thinker (practitioner journal for system dynamics), 18 (9): 7-9.

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Working Papers

  1. Anderson, Edward G., Kyle Lewis, G.T. Ozer (2016) “Combining Modeling Methodologies to Study Organization Science: A Hybrid System Dynamics, Agent-Based, and Social Network Model of Team Performance.” Under revision for System Dynamics Review..

  2. Ozer, G.T., Jeffrey Martin, Edward G. Anderson (2016). “Sensing and seizing opportunities in rival product-markets without rivals’ consent: Is resistance futile in multi-sided digital platform markets?” Submitted to Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

  3. Edward G. Jr., Geoffrey G. Parker, and Burcu Tan (2016). “Platform Pricing and Investment to Drive Third Party Value Creation in Two-Sided Networks.” Under revision for Information Systems Research  in Fall 2016.

  4. Anderson, Edward G., Alison Davis-Blake, and Geoffrey G. Parker (2004). Managing Outsourced Product Design: The Effectiveness of Alternative Integration Mechanisms. Presented at the 2004 Academy of Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.