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Edward Anderson is Professor of Information, Risk, & Operations Management at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business and is the Director of the McCombs Healthcare Initiative, which is a research center specializing in innovation in healthcare delivery. He is an acknowledged expert in the dynamics of complex systems in organizational contexts.

Dr. Anderson is the author or co-author of:

His primary research interests include:

  • Management of distributed innovation, including outsourcing and offshoring, across the supply chain; 
  • Knowledge management and the dynamics of process improvement;  
  • Healthcare delivery;
  • Platform industries, such as smartphones and videogame consoles;
  • Computer simulation, including system dynamics and agent-based model computer simulation.

Contact Information:

Edward G. Anderson Jr., Ph.D.
University of Texas McCombs School of Business
B6500, CBA 5.202, 2110 Speedway Avenue, Austin, TX 78712
Ph: 512 471 6394
Edward "dot" Anderson "at" mccombs "dot" utexas "dot" edu